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Metatropolis: The Dawn of Uncivilization - Jay Lake, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, Karl Schroeder I picked up Metatropolis as a freebie from Audible. Who can say no to free? The collection contains 5 short stories all based in a shared universe that was a collaboration of the authors.

The world itself was interesting. The world takes on a city-state like appearance and is a bit more low-tech in the sense that the technology and power that exists isn't as readily available as it is today. There are also some environmentalist undertones with vertical farming taking a front row spot in the worlds agriculture.

The first story is "In the Forests of the Night" by Jay Lake and I have to admit I was a little lost. In a general overview the story is about a man coming into Cascadiopolis (a shared metropolis based in the Cascaida bioregion of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia). It didn't seem to really have a story and was probably my least favorite of the bunch.

"Stochasti-City" by Tobias Buckell and "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood" by Elizabeth Bear are a pair of stories both taking place in Detroit and take place within different organizations that are on the fringe of society in Detroit. "Stocasta City" focuses on a rebel group trying to have cars banned in favor of the more environmental friendly bicycle and "The Red in the Sky..." focuses on a quasi-utopian society that quietly exists within the confines of Detroit. "The Red in the Sky" was one of my favorites.

"Utere Nihil Non Extra Quiritationem Suis" by John Scalzi was next. The story was typical Scalzi in humor and tone and though I have a love/hate relationship with most of his works, I really enjoyed this one.

"To Hie from Far Cilenia" by Karl Schroeder closed out the collection. The story is about a virtual reality within a virtual reality that overlays the real world. It was wayyy out there and a little much to wrap your head around, IMO.

There is a second collection with six stories focusing on the Cascadia area and I'm slightly interested in it, but in no huge rush.