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Ganymede (Clockwork Century Series #4)

Ganymede  - Cherie Priest, Edoardo Ballerini This book didn't quite live up the expectations I had based on the first three books in the series.

My favorite parts of The Clockwork Century have been the strong willed, no-nonsense heroines. Josephine Early is the newest addition to the line-up and she didn't quite hold up for me. She was strong willed for sure, but more in a whiny 'I-get-what-I-want' kind of way. I wanted to smack her more than I wanted to root for her.

Story wise it seemed slower than the other books. It was still fun and I love how she ties in characters from all the books and I love the world of The Clockwork Century, but this one was disappointing.

Audiobook Notes

Narrated by Edoardo Ballerini. Average. Was a decent performance but nothing to write home about and I wouldn't go searching for him specifically.